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EFT Projection Tapping

Hi, This is the transcript from a really great fun interview I did with my colleague, Gwyneth Moss on a technique she developed called Projection Tapping. It is a great way to work with children, and it is a great fun way to work with adults. Give a read. At the bottom you will find […]

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EFT and Trauma

TANIA:                  Hi, my guest today is Sophia Cayer, who is an expert in the treatment of trauma and abuse, using energy techniques and specifically EFT. So welcome Sophia. SOPHIA:               Thank you Tania. It’s a pleasure to be here with you today. TANIA:                  Now Sophia is an EFT founding master and has extensive experience of using […]


EFT and Infertility

Interview on Emma (EFT) Topic: Infertility in female Setting: Audio Recording: Emma Time Span: Tania 5:03 Tania: Alright. So, if we go for this yeah I’m ready for that, many couples of problems when it comes to fertility. My guest today is Emma Roberts an expert in the area of working with fertility issues using EFT. […]

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