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EFT Projection Tapping

Hi, This is the transcript from a really great fun interview I did with my colleague, Gwyneth Moss on a technique she developed called Projection Tapping. It is a great way to work with children, and it is a great fun way to work with adults. Give a read. At the bottom you will find […]

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Upper Back Pain – EFT Training

Hi, Here is another follow up to the post I wrote about Tony and how EFT was able to help give him relief from his upper back pain after his having surgery (Upper Back Pain Gone). The cause of Tony’s back pain was a skin cancer operation, which resulted in him having several scars, one […]

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EFT: Upper Back Pain after Cancer Operation Gone

Hi, I just thought I would share this since I think it can help people understand about pain and how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) can be used to deal with it. It is a natural phenomena. It is important that we are able to feel it. The body uses it to alert us […]

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Mastering EFT: Letting Go of Mother on a Pedestal

EFT: When Do You Know You Have Tapped Enough? Knowing When You Have Tapped Enough At a recent EFT Training course I ran in Manchester I asked one of the attendees at the end of an EFT practice exercise, to describe how the event he had tapped on with his fellow attendee looked now? He […]

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EFT and Twenty Years of Neck Pain and Stiffness Gone

EFT and Pain EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful tool for dealing with pain. Not all pain is bad, although it might seem that way. Pain is necessary, it lets you know there is something wrong. For example if you fall over and you have a pain in your ankle, you are likely to stay […]

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EFT Dramatically Improves 25 Year Numbness

Hi, EFT can be a powerful tool when it comes to working with physical issues. I recently shared a story about working with a shoulder problem using EFT, this article deals with numbness. One of the trainees at an EFT Manchester training that I ran in December last, had a problem with numbness in her […]