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EFT and Trauma

TANIA:                  Hi, my guest today is Sophia Cayer, who is an expert in the treatment of trauma and abuse, using energy techniques and specifically EFT. So welcome Sophia. SOPHIA:               Thank you Tania. It’s a pleasure to be here with you today. TANIA:                  Now Sophia is an EFT founding master and has extensive experience of using […]


How to Rebirth Yourself using EFT

Hi, I recently interviewed EFT Founding Master and author Jacqui Crooks on the subject of rebirthing for my podcast, EFT Unleashed. Below is the transcript from the interview. For many people birth can be a traumatic experience. It can be the root of many issues that they experience later in life. Rebirthing is the process […]


Using EFT for Abuse and Trauma Treatment

 With Jimmy Savile’s story dominating the British newspapers and TV for the past year the subject of abuse is very much in the news. Most people who experience these types of traumas in life keep quiet. They often hide the fact that they have experienced it for a multitude of emotional reasons. So it is […]

By Tania A Prince | Abuse and Trauma . Stress and Depression

Using EFT to Support Cancer Treatment

Hi, To be diagnosed with Cancer can be devastating. But what can you do to begin to help yourself? Emma Roberts is an EFT Master, she is the author of the book, Even though I have Cancer. She has extensive experience working in the area of providing support whilst a person is undergoing cancer treatment. […]


LOA – Kick Starting Your Business the Easy Way

Hi, Starting a business can be a daunting task. Often we will look at the fact that we can’t get started and come up with reasons for why that is happening, such as, “I just don’t have the knowledge!” or “my job stops me” or “I haven’t got the time”. The reasons can be endless. […]


Smoking, Addictions and EFT

One of the ways that EFT can be applied to help a person stop smoking is to deal with the person’s original motivation to smoke. Generally cigarettes do not have a pleasant taste at least initially so in order for the person to become a smoker their motivation has to be sufficiently powerful that they are able to overcome this aspect of the cigarette. Typically people start smoking at a young age.

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