EFT: Eliminating the Blocks to Love

Love is a powerful emotion. When we feel loved it can transform our lives. When we don’t, it can be devastating. So many people struggle through their lives trying to find love but without them even realizing they may be pushing it away. In this podcast interview my guest was Maureen Fearon. Maureen is also […]


Mastering EFT: Letting Go of Mother on a Pedestal

EFT: When Do You Know You Have Tapped Enough? Knowing When You Have Tapped Enough At a recent EFT Training course I ran in Manchester I asked one of the attendees at the end of an EFT practice exercise, to describe how the event he had tapped on with his fellow attendee looked now? He […]

By Tania A Prince | Ancestors . EFT . Grief and Bereavement