Using EFT for Abuse and Trauma Treatment

 With Jimmy Savile’s story dominating the British newspapers and TV for the past year the subject of abuse is very much in the news. Most people who experience these types of traumas in life keep quiet. They often hide the fact that they have experienced it for a multitude of emotional reasons. So it is […]

By Tania A Prince | Abuse and Trauma . Stress and Depression

EFT and The Power of Reframing

Here is another article on combining EFT and the art of reframing. Both EFT and reframing are powerful tools in their own right for creating powerful shifts in perception, shifts that can enhance the quality of a persons life. When combined it can increase the effectiveness of the approaches.


NLP- Success and the “as if” frame

one of the things we ask people to do is act “as if”. So, for example if you want to run a successful business, act “as if” you are running a successful business. How can you do that?

By Tania A Prince | Business . NLP

Fast Ways to Use EFT and Get Results

“One of the funniest reframes that you did to me was one about a plane with engine trouble. I’d been whinging on to you about being trapped on an aircraft for four hours, before take-off, cos of a fault on the plane. You were tapping away on me….’So even though I felt trapped on that plane…..etc.’

By Tania A Prince | EFT Training Courses

EFT: Was the Irish famine Responsible for Mary’s Health Issues?

“Although I have tackled many of my issues with EFT and other therapies over the years I would still find myself with shoulders hunched and tightness in my chest. However since my session of Deep State Repatterning I feel liberated from this burden and can appreciate the many gifts my ancestors have passed on. I believe that DSR helped me to get to the root of my ‘survival driver’ and using EFT released it for me and my ancestors”.


EFT, Deep State RePatterning and Past Lives And Ancestors

Hi, EFT can be extremely effective in getting results. For the most part when using EFT we typically look for the foundational events that are supporting the current issue. We then clear the emotions/energetic disturbance around those events. Typically we work on events from early childhood upward as these seem the most accessible to the client. However roots […]