EFT: Jim’s Painful Shoulder Pain Relief in 15 minutes

Hi, I previously published an article about Jim and how his discomfort and restriction in his shoulder movement had gone within 15 minutes after he volunteered for me to use the EFT, Chase the Pain approach at the EFT Training. Below is an excerpt from the article as well as a link “Jim had damaged […]

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Struggling with back pain? Join me and 20 plus specialists in this unique summit..

Hi, Pain can be debilitating. It can destroy lives. Back pain in particular can be devastating! It is often not until you experience back pain that you realise how important the back is when it comes to mobility and quality of life. The number of people who experience back pain is truly astounding. It is […]

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EFT and Twenty Years of Neck Pain and Stiffness Gone

EFT and Pain EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful tool for dealing with pain. Not all pain is bad, although it might seem that way. Pain is necessary, it lets you know there is something wrong. For example if you fall over and you have a pain in your ankle, you are likely to stay […]

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EFT Dramatically Improves 25 Year Numbness

Hi, EFT can be a powerful tool when it comes to working with physical issues. I recently shared a story about working with a shoulder problem using EFT, this article deals with numbness. One of the trainees at an EFT Manchester training that I ran in December last, had a problem with numbness in her […]


EFT – Eliminating Shoulder Pain in 15 minutes

Within one round of EFT, Jim was able to move his arm upward to a 45 degree angle, much to his own astonishment and to those in the audience who started to whip out their cameras! Within minutes Jim’s arm was easily reaching a vertical position.

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