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  • Studies: EFT Founding Master
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“What is important to me about therapy? Results”

Tania A Prince, EFT Founding Master

Tania is a leading internationally recognised trainer and therapist in some of the World’s most cutting edge therapies. She runs one of the longest established EFT Training schools in the world. She is also a trainer of trainer in EFT. Tania is also the developer of Inner RePatterning a new innovative mindful approach to therapy.

She has appeared on TV and radio shows both in the UK and abroad as well as being a guest speaker at international psychotherapy conferences.

After a successful career in show business, Tania switched to working in the field of psychotherapy in 1993. She has a successful private practice working from two clinics in Cheshire, England, with an international client base who work with her by phone or in person for one-on-one therapy sessions.

Her initial training was in hypnotherapy in which she has an advanced diploma. She is an ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy) recognised hypnotherapy trainer. She also has a diploma in counseling and has worked in a medical practice for a year.

Tania has always sought out techniques that can achieve fast and effective results. This led her to NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and Energy Psychology. She is a Master NLP Practitioner and an NLP Trainer, having studied with Dr Tad James in America. (Dr Tad James is the developer of Timeline Therapy and a leading trainer in the NLP world). She is an ABNLP (American Board of NLP) recognised NLP Trainer.

Energy Psychology Techniques are at the very cutting edge of therapy in the world today. They often get results even when nothing else will.

Some of the most well known of the Energy Psychology Techniques are; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) and BSFF (Be Set Free Fast).

EFT was developed by the American Gary Craig. Tania initially trained as an EFT Practitioner in the UK. She then attended advanced trainings and was amongst one of the first group of Europeans to travel to America to be trained by Gary at his home near San Francisco. She also attended and helped at his only UK serious diseases workshop in 2005. In February 2006, Tania was awarded the highest honour in EFT, the EFT Master designation.

She is an EFT International recognised EFT Trainer, one of the first to attain this qualification in the UK. She has been running EFT training courses for seven years. She presented at the First EFT International Masterclass Conference in London 2006 on Public Speaking. Her current EFT training courses include: EFT Approved Levels 1-3, Confident Public Speaking and EFT Marketing.

Conference appearances in 2007 include: The 2nd International EFT Masterclass in Ilkley, Yorkshire and the EFT Master Showcase in Boston, USA.

Tania is also a TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) Certified Trainer (TAT is one of the leading Energy Psychology techniques in the world today) and a certified TAT Therapist. She was a guest speaker at the 2 nd International European TAT Conference in Dublin, Ireland. Her talk, “Accelerated Coaching, using TAT and NLP”, was attended by Tapas Fleming the developer of TAT.

Finally, Tania is a BSFF Practitioner (Energy Psychology Technique), one of the first to be trained in the UK.

To contact Tania direct: 01625 520016

To make an appointment: 01625 850555


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