Wasp Season: Clearing the Fear with EFT

Wasp season is upon us. We are just reaching that point in the year when people with this fear begin to feel anxious. 

I have worked with many cases of fear of wasps. As with all phobias when the fear strikes, sense and sensibility just takes a duck dive and the survival instinct takes over. One lady I worked with had a phobia so strong that she abandoned her child, who was in a pram in the middle of a road because she spotted a wasp.

Another lady I worked with was sat on a train, spotted a wasp and promptly dug her head into the shoulder of the guy sat next to her. She didn’t know him.

The first lady I mentioned above I treated with the TAT technique. It took twenty minutes. A week later she popped around and reported that her fear was gone completely. She had been able to walk beside a bin with wasps crawling on the lid and peer inside. That was something that used to terrify her before we did the work. She also was not as aware about wasps being in the vicinity. (This is a clear indicator that the fear is gone, simply because a person with a wasp phobia ALWAYS spots them easily, even if others don’t).In fact she told me that her mother had had to point out a wasp to her in the house. She had promptly tried to shoo it out of the window. And the final piece of evidence the phobia was totally clear took place a few weeks later, when she was on holiday in a country which had far bigger wasps than in the UK. Her niece had a wasp trapped in her jumper. She promptly put her hand up the jumper and pulled it out. (Now I don’t know about you, but even the thought of that makes me squirm and I don’t have a phobia).

I used EFT with the second lady I mentioned above, the session lasted just over an hour. That is of course including all the mental testing etc that we did.

So how can we clear phobias using EFT

1. Clear the past: find the events that created the fear and tap them through until the events no longer seem significant to the person. EFT can help uncover the past related event even if the person does not initially remember them.

2. Clear aspect by aspect: in other words ask yourself, “What specifically is it about wasps that are a problem for you?” Create a list and tap each one of your answers through using the sequence in my earlier post, The Beginners Guide to EFT: substitute the  answers to the above question for the words: “the problem”

For example:

So even though I am frightened of the wasps loud buzzing I completely and totally love and approve of myself.

Other possible aspects are:

  • Yellow and black strips
  • Fast erratic movement

(The cases used above with the permission of the client’s concerned)

Tania A Prince is an EFT Founding Master. She has been running EFT Training courses since 2000. She is also the developer of Inner RePatterning.

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