Z Point Process- Interview with Grant Connolly


Grant Connolly was one of the guest speakers at the 2009 EFT Masterclass. At the conference he introduced Z Point therapy, an approach he has developed.

Grant will be making a return visit to the UK from 19-21st March 2010, where he will be running the first live ZPoint Process Retreat and Practitioner Training at Gorton Monastery Manchester.

I recently had the chance to interview Grant about the ZPoint (and get some free therapy whilst doing it 🙂 The interview is about 24 minutes long and contains a demonstration of the process.

Grant Connolly - Developer of the Z Point Process

Grant Connolly the developer of Z Point describes it as:

“…a simple, highly effective and easily taught technique that allows a person or a group to make peace with conflicting aspects within themselves.Experience has shown that people love the way ZPoint makes them feel. It promotes deep relaxation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and is cumulative in its effects.ZPoint does not require that one be specific and instead works best on a very general level. Often it is enough just to be aware of a difficult feeling and take that feeling though a simple releasing protocol to release it completely”.

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